Benita Combet

Senior Researcher,

Dr. rer. soc |

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Über mich

I am a researcher funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation who works on issues of gender inequality in the labour market (focus: gender wage gap, gender segregation in fields of study) and social inequality in education (focus: education systems, skills assessment).

Therefore, I am in a position to discuss questions such as the following: Why are women less inclined to study STEM subjects (short for: science, technology, engineering, mathematics)? Do women have lower mathematical skills and can this explain their lower interest in mathematics? Is there a gender pay gap in Switzerland? Should women simply negotiate more assertively to get the same pay as men? Why do fewer children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds switch to (Langzeit-)Gymnasium? Which education systems reinforce social inequality? Are boys in primary school disadvantaged by the high proportion of female primary school teachers?

I have experience as a research consultant for newspaper articles and TV features (e.g. Sonntagszeitung, SRF Forward) and am familiar with giving talks to the general public (e.g. Federal Ministry of Family Affairs). You can find more information (and my current email address) on my homepage:

I also speak (Swiss) German.

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Soziologie (Wichtigste Ausbildung)
PhD / Doktorat | Dr. rer. soc |
Nebenfächer: Religionswissenschaft, Islamwissenschaft
Universität Bern | Bern | Schweiz
Senior researcher (aktuellste Berufserfahrung)
Universität Zürich, Zürich, Schweiz,
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